Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Help your business accelerate with reliable cloud services platform – Amazon Web Services, managed by Create sophisticated applications that are flexible, reliable and scalable.

Amazon Web Services Plans

Leading cloud platform with solid management by
Ideal for startups & SMB’s with 1-10 employees with non-technical focus
  • Up to 10 domains
  • 10 Premium Mail Accounts
  • SeverShield by Cloudflare
  • Plesk Mobile Center
  • Symantec Basic SSL Certificates
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
For larger companies with 10 – 30 employess that require better performance & security
0.00 /month
  • Up to 30 domains
  • 30 Premium Mail Accounts
  • SeverShield by Cloudflare
  • Plesk Mobile Center
  • Firewall Protection by Plesk
  • Automatic Plesk Updates
  • RankingCoach SEO
  • Symantec OV SSL Certificates
  • N/A
For companies with high traffic sites with access to enhanced security features and shared view
0.00 /month
  • Unlimited domains & resellers
  • Unlimited Premium Mail Accounts
  • SeverShield by Cloudflare Premium
  • Plesk Mobile Center
  • Firewall Protection by Plesk
  • Automatic Plesk Updates
  • RankingCoach SEO
  • Patchman
  • Symantec EV SSL Certificates

AWS with : Automation with right administration

You sit back and relax while your AWS is managed by cloud experts!
Smart management with security
We manage your organization’s IT portfolio, including virtualized environment, public, private and hybrid cloud, with proper data security, user access and compliance policies.
Economical and resource prediction
With helping you in predicting the requirement of resources, you can cut costs and devise better budgeting strategies across instance types and geographies.
Tracking and reporting
Get reports of your up and running AWS accounts the way you want – application, user, venture wise or more.
Technical support
Our technical support team will be available and answerable 24X7. Pro-active actions will be taken for maintaining your AWS cloud and rectifying all issues.

Benefits of AWS Cloud managed by

The next generation in cloud hosting.
AWS Account Management
  • Management of different AWS accounts at a single place.
  • AWS Config and CloudTrail for tracking and auditing.
  • Safe MFA credentials and AWS root account.
Permission management
  • Single identity across all instances.
  • Ease of accessing all AWS accounts.
  • Access management via AWS Console federation.
  • Ready setup of AWS IAM for security.
Logbook for cloud activity
  • Monitoring activity across all geographically dispersed AWS accounts.
  • Comprehensive visibility across complete Cloud activities.
EC2 OS Management
  • Management includes configuration, upgradation, patching etc.
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 LTS, CentOS 6/7 and Amazon Linux 2015.03+.
  • Apache and NGINX like apps included.
EC2 instances Management
  • Secure access with powerful and automated SSH key management for EC2 instances.
  • On-demand provisioning and safe network permissions for secure VPS access.
  • Single request access process.
Migration support
  • Full migration support for your apps and data to AWS.

Let’s make a start!

To begin with, here is the way we’ll proceed.
Define your business requirement.
Architect your AWS cloud per your needs.
Implement Cloud, automate and secure your systems.
Optimize your IT ecosystem with monitoring and reporting.