Fully Managed Cloud Linux VPS

Get access to solid and scalable resources, built on latest generation hardware to boost performance. All Cloud VPS plans comes with fully managed servers.

Linux Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

Our Linux Cloud VPS hosting plans are designed to meet your server performance needs as they are built on latest generation hardware, boosted by Virtuozzo, providing features like full scalability and fault tolerance.
Fully Managed VPS Plan
60 GB Storage* | 1 Dedicated IP

1 Core


1 GB


1 Month



Why Cloud VPS for your business?

Linux Cloud VPS is the ultimate low-cost solution that alludes to the delivery of unparalleled and valuable features – SAN storage, self-healing hardware, dynamically scalable resources, Plesk control panel and more.
Fault Tolerance for high availability
Powerful features to ensure your business continuity and providing high-availability to your apps.
  • Self-healing architecture
  • Less or no system downtime
  • High availability
  • Disaster Recovery
High speed network guarantees
Storage network devices to provide you with a flexible, fast and reliable platform.
  • SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • Universal storage connectivity
  • Top-notch disaster recovery
  • Faster backup bandwidth
Intelligent Management of Workloads
Easy management of your servers and workload to help you organize them in a better way.
  • Even distribution of workloads
  • Helps in controlling each node
  • Reduced over-burdening
  • Balances the resources
Scalability and Flexibility
A scalable and flexible environment to help you to drive high-performance.
  • Build infrastructure as needed
  • Scale server resources
  • Economical resources
  • Complete freedom in cloud

The amazing features of the Linux Cloud VPS hosting powered by

Take a look at the major technical features of our Linux cloud VPS hosting plans that are made to deliver high-performance and efficiency to your organization.
Technical features
Linux VPS technical features for high-performance and efficiency.
  • Virtuozzo Cloud Technology
  • Memory Deduplication and IOPS
  • Rebootless Updates
  • Data Security
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Get amazing free services that adds value to your business.
  • Plesk Onyx Panel
  • .Website Domain Name
  • SSL and Digital Certificates
  • Office 365 Essential Suite
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