Pay-Per-Use Azure Public Cloud

Buy Azure pay-per-use public cloud and experience the power of cloud computing with scalability and improved efficiency with flexible pricing. With utility-based pricing get the flexibility to either manage the cloud at your end or let us manage it for you.

The best computing resources with pay-per-use pricing models

Choose a plan that meets your business requirement the best and pay only for what you use.
Usage Based
Azure Subscription

The perfect Cloud solution to meet the growing demands of your business

The unparalleled features of the pay-per-use Azure cloud is the ideal mix of efficiency and flexible management at your end.
High Scalability
Microsoft Azure gives the required flexibility and high scalability to your data and applications hosted on cloud. Instant scalability helps you deliver better IT solutions and extend or reduce resource consumption as per the market demand.
Self-service Administrator Portal
Administrators get access to admin and self-service portals to configure and manage the user accounts, resource clouds, quotas etc. easy customizability helps manage provisioning and tracking of Azure services like VMs, websites etc.
Maximize ROI and Minimize Cost
Get the complete benefits out of your Azure move and realize better performance, reliability cost-effectiveness and uptime. Cut the need of any additional hardware and its maintenance expenses.
Let Us Manage Your Cloud
The Azure pay-per-use cloud gives you the feasibility to manage the cloud either at your own end or let us manage it for you. By letting us manage it for you, you can focus on your business in a better way.
Increased Reliability with Reduced Risk
Get assurance of high-availability with reduced downtime with the help of managed services like Patching, monitoring, strong SLAs and proactive notifications, on top of the Microsoft Azure.
Future Proof & Faster Cloud-based Identity
With Azure Multi-factor authorization and Active Directory synchronization rest assured of the security of your data and applications in cloud.

Leverage the best out of your Azure cloud

The public Cloud Platform of Microsoft has the capability to redefine the opportunities with its power, flexibility and scalability. You too can get the most out of your business with it.
Faster apps creation with instant scalability
Internal load balancing and auto-scaling. Includes wide range support from Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP & Python; Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco to WordPress.
Build powerful Apps and Websites
With Azure quickly create, install and manage large web apps. Meet varied demands by delivering apps through a single backend with the support of APIs.
Simplify codes
The pre-built API gallery allows you to connect and code in IDE or other languages for building APIs and Apps swiftly. Templates boosts your development automation and productivity; Smoother integration with Visual Studio Online, live-site debugging and Github.
Safe hosting
With Azure Active directory sync, build business apps on on-premises resources. Safe and reliable cloud hosting platform to create and host critical applications. Get enterprise level SLAs; automatic backup and restore.
Expand worldwide
Worldwide scalability across wide-reaching datacenters makes data replication and cloud hosting at various locations across the globe easy, that too with a simple mouse click.
Stay awake with inbuilt app updates
In-built staging, in-production testing support and roll-back, allows easy installation of app updates without worrying for geographically dispersed infrastructure. Complete operational records facilitate tracking.
Build VMs instantly
Utilizing hybrid model with on premise resources, scale from 1 to 1000s of VM instances, Experience innate load balancing and virtual networking.
High and quick SQL server availability
Quick provisioning of SQL server through SQL server team built image. Roll out new VMs as you get access to free MSDN licenses enabling stead-fast development and testing.
Azure Resource Manager
With ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates perform one-click installation of apps within a resource group. Include storage and VMs easily. ARM gives the ability to weigh apps across one unit via single-resource tagging and advanced role-based authentication and control (RBAC).
Simple administration
Easy VMs management – define subnet and DNS IP addresses by using a virtual network. Configure the load balancing across different VMs through user-friendly Azure portal. Use ExpressRoute to make direct net connections.
Expand I/O efficiency
Achieve 80,000 I/O operations/ second with 64 TB storage/ VM. VMs of GS-series combine Azure Premium Storage’s disk performance with G-series VMs power.
Backup support to protect VMs
With Linux and Windows Azure backup, guard your VMs. With backup, PowerShell and restore VMs, send task failure warnings, monitor and produce reports. Retain apps and data for regulatory requirements.
Relational database management as-a-service
Get access to Databases quickly by dialing up or down. Ensure data security through regular audits, geo-applications and restoration.
Huge scaling support to build SaaS applications
Developers can take help from Azure’s SQL database to build SaaS apps with complete flexibility to support both- valuable business models and high growth. Elastic database model gives opportunity to pool resources that can be valuable for those workloads that have non-defined consumption of DB resources.
Easier database management
Thousands of DB complicates management but its flexibility simplifies work. Abridge creation of apps and make them as simple as ADO.NET and T-SQL programming models.
Ensured business continuity
Azure permits creation of over 4 readable command failovers and secondaries. So, rest assured at time of disasters with inborn continuity possibilities traversing service tiers. Get improved control and secure data from unexpected disasters.
Wide range support for tools
Improve IT productivity by migrating the SQL server applications on-premise to Azure. SQL provides variation of management from— PowerShell, REST APIs. The Azure portal along with SQL server management provides multiple skills like Ruby on .NET, Rails, Node.js, PHP and Java. Visual Studio integration helps develop offline, online and on-cloud designed apps.
Sharing made easier
Azure’s machine learning creates predictive analytics models which gives an innovative and flexible approach to your business.
Innate packages to choose from
Azure’s machine learning gives access to a wide range of in-built packages and brings customized code support.
Reduce gaps between app ideating and installing
Developers can easily create app with the help of machine learning, through a simple drag-and-drop interface and simple algorithms to quicken the entire process. Search for built in data science in Azure API platform and marketplace.
Faster deployment
Installing any model in production as a web-service becomes simple with Azure. It can be accessed from anywhere and through any device.
Share and get returns
Publicly display your model on Azure marketplace or in the gallery and get monetary benefits.
Turn on your business with cross-platform Windows, Android and iOS apps
Get access to mobile apps with auto-scaling features and the ability to sync and work offline. Enable simple sign-on via Active Directory.
Build and run mobile apps faster
Azure helps you to build mobile apps useful in creating cross-platform apps for Windows, Android or MAC and even iOS; perform multiple functions like user verification, sending push-notifications or adding custom backend logic in C# or Node.js, either by deploying apps on-premise or in the cloud.
Corporate sign-on
Simply sign-on using corporate identity. Avail Active directory to cross-check user’s identities. Connect to any on-premise resource safely like SharePoint, SQL Server, SAP and Oracle; work with cross-platform frameworks, with the help of Phone-Gap and Xamarin inclusive.
Offline data sync gives life to the apps
Offline accessibility allows you to use apps even during network issues. Apps responsiveness can be improved by local data caching.
Connect your apps with on-premise data
Azure lets you to create as well as deploy apps by consuming data within the data center. The VPN and hybrid connections give safe access to the data within the data center from anywhere across the globe.
Stretch per the needs
In-built auto scaling feature for apps helps you match the needs of your enterprise. You can scale-up and down and pay-as-per-usage. Microsoft’s global reach lets you connect to your users anywhere on the globe.
hassle free delivery of apps
Microsoft’s remote desktop lets your apps from cloud become accessible through all devices from Windows to Mac.
Cost-effective apps
Forget spending a lot on your business needs on on-premises costs. Experience the agility of cloud that delivers apps without lots of cost involved. With Pay-as-per-use, be cost predictive.
Manage infrastructure
Get infrastructure scaled based on your needs. Stop upgrading server on-premise. Completely manage through Azure portal.
Deliver app without change
No need to re-write apps, with Azure RemoteApp swiftly get your app delivered from cloud. As simple as it sounds.
Get centralized data and secure information
Azure’s fault tolerant feature secures and saves data from any sudden data loss or disasters. In-built update of data fastens the process, making it appropriate for leading organizations and finance companies.
Anywhere access
Boost your employee productivity with windows server in Azure cloud. They are simpler to update and scale. Employees can deploy Remote Desktop clients on the devices of their choice and get working.